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ZEITGEIST 19 is a research-led socio-cultural hub founded by art curator Farah Piriye and designer Elizabeth Zhivkova, that runs educational and cultural talks with distinguished creative individuals, pioneers of contemporary art & culture, emerging talents, environmentalists, and entrepreneurs.


Each era has a unique spirit - a nature or climate that sets it apart from any other epoch. In German, this is known as the Zeitgeist, from the words Zeit - time and Geist - spirit. Certain thinkers have asserted that the true zeitgeist of an era cannot be known until that era has passed, others have declared that only artists and philosophers can truly make sense of it. 


Our aim is to gather representatives from various cultural segments under the umbrella of this philosophical concept, in order to explore and home in on the spirit and reality of Now. 

The format of ZG19 events ranges from casual talks, open conversations, roundtables, screenings, installations, discussions and freestyle performances. Creatives are given a carte blanche to create an experience that best encompasses what they would like to investigate and communicate. Each speaker presenting at the venue shares an interest for innovative aesthetic translation, and in their own way contributes to a contemporary kaleidoscope of poetic scenery.


Through the lens of  ZEITGEIST 19 one will experience art, not only as a personal encounter but as a social interaction.

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