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One of the most important roles of art is to tell the story of people who would otherwise be left without a voice. Conflict and disaster bring the camera crews, but the people they film have to continue their lives, picking up the pieces of their shattered communities, long after the media focus shifts to fresh stories and the latest novelty.

That’s where Baku-born photographer Rena Effendi steps in. Much of her work has followed the fate of people on the margins, in her own country and all over the world. And that fascination underpins her latest collection, ‘Zones of Silence’. The name is taken from a semi-fictional tract of the Mexican desert where radio signals don’t penetrate, and becomes a metaphor for people living in areas cut off from the oxygen of global, or even local publicity.

Zone of Silence: 

Rena Effendi 

at Mosaic Rooms, London UK

10 Dec- 20 Dec 2014, 

Organised and commisioned by BUTA Festival 

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